Nature Watch
(just for fun!)

As many of our regular customers know we are in a truly rural position. This leads many to ask about the wildlife we see. So by popular demand, and with absolutely nothing to do with office furniture, we will keep you updated.

No sign of winter in this neck of the woods. Minimal frosts and nothing but wind,  rain and more rain it seems. When the sun does appear the winter birds like fieldfare and redwing can be seen lurking in the fields and hedgerows. Most of the berries have been stripped now by these hungry visitors. Large groups of starlings pass by but we’ve not been treated to the spectacular displays you often see elsewhere or on tv.

The red kite seems to have a friend now as two have been spotted together feeding on a road kill pheasant. With the number of pheasant around I guess they will be well fed on the casualties.

The owls, both tawny and barn, can be heard from our car park once the light has faded and foxes eerie calls signal their presence in the field opposite.