Nature Watch
(just for fun!)

As many of our regular customers know we are in a truly rural position. This leads many to ask about the wildlife we see. So by popular demand, and with absolutely nothing to do with office furniture, we will keep you updated.

The combines are now back in the sheds with their work done for another year. All that’s left now is the maize and it wont be long now before that too is harvested. It would seem that the land around our office is now being used more for cattle which gives us a moving view for a change!

With short grass comes better visability and a big dog fox can be seen most days “mousing” in the grass. The numerous buzzards are following any plough or other equipment feasting on anything that appears. The much rarer red kite is now being seen regularly which is great for the birders.

Swallows and house martins are just about still here but with the autumnal temperatures arriving it wont be long before they seek a warmer home. The hedges are loaded with berries this year so a feast awaits the winter arrivals and residents alike.

Maybe this year we will have a winter rather than autumn rolling into spring!!